How the Essential Oil Bioactivity Research Database works


Once logged in to your account and you have selected the Research Database, the initial search screen is displayed. A search can be made in the title, author, publication, year or abstract fields or you may search all fields at once. Any word or phrase may be used, specifying the exact phrase, all the search words or just one of the words. Previously found relevant articles can be accessed quickly by inputting their record number.

In the example below, we have searched for 1,8-cineole in the title field. The first 10 records of 42 matching the search criteria are displayed. Only the title and authors are displayed for ease of use. The other titles can be viewed by clicking the screen numbers at the bottom.

By clicking on the title hyperlink you are taken to the full bibliographic reference and abstract. We chose number 6.


Integration with the Essential Oil Component Database

Once you have searched and displayed the full reference and abstract within the Bioactivity Research Database, components that are featured in the Component Database appear as hyperlinks. On clicking such a hyperlink, a pop-up window appears displaying the details of the component.