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Take advantage of our Personal Research Consultant service

We have on file the full papers of all the references included in the Essential Oil Bioactivity Research Database. A minority are ‘open access’, in which case we can send you the full paper on request. However, we cannot provide the majority of papers due to copyright legislation.

We are aware that abstracts sometimes leave many questions unanswered and that educational and scholarly material cannot be based on such abstracts alone. At no extra cost, as part of your subscription we offer you an unlimited personal research consultant service, in that you may contact us with specific queries regarding papers of interest. We will then answer your queries in detail based on the content of the full papers. We will also explain any testing procedures or terminology that you are unsure of.

By using the "Ask the consultants" button at the bottom of the full reference, you can email us with your questions. With this unique service, you can be sure to take full advantage of your subscription and appreciate the wealth of information that research provides.