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Back in the UK from living in France for many years, Bob Harris (formerly a Director of Essential Oil Resource Consultants) has started a new venture...Quintessential Aromatics Ltd.

The activities of the company are diverse. They include...

  • the creation of distance learning material, articles and books concerning essential oil science e.g. the mechanisms by which essential oils have a bioactive effect, essential oil chemistry, routes of absorption, pharmacology and pharmacokinetics.
  • the continuation and expansion of the Essential Oil Bioactivity Research Database.
  • specific client-defined research of published information concerning essential oils and related products.
  • consultation with the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and complementary medicine industries who wish to include essential oils as active components in formulations.
  • field consultation regarding distillation and quality control in countries such as Kenya and Madagascar.
  • assisting in patent applications for new products containing essential oils and contesting objections from the patent Examiner.
  • the preparation of Investigational Medicinal Product Dossiers for formulations containing essential oils that are hoped to achieve a licensed medicine status.
  • the provision of scientific research to underpin an application for an essential oil blend to be regarded as a Medical Device.
  • participating in the design of clinical trials using essential oil products and subsequent supervision in the hospital environment.


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There was a time when matter was thought to be composed of the four elements of fire, water, earth and air. When heating plant material, Aristotle decided that he was extracting the spirit of the plant, which he described as the fifth element or quintessence. The oil was named the 'quintessential' and today is called the essential oil.